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Treasury of Sacred Knowledge

The knowledge received in deep meditation

Be who you are...
Be what you are...


Sacred Knowledge

“The greatness of a man is reflected in the greatness of his works that he created during his physical life. And in order for him and his works to be eternally recorded in the “cosmic archives and libraries”, it is necessary for him to use the Sacred Knowledge”. This would be a message from spiritual energies from the cosmos.


The shortest definition of Sacred Knowledge is:


All the keys to all life’s problems… Everything that brings truth and breaks illusion… Everything that can make you a better, more humane and tolerant person. Everything that brings people together for the benefit of the human race. All that creates creations for the benefit of all.


And much, much more that you will find out in many subsequent topics.

About us

Dear visitor,


Welcome to the Treasury of Sacred Knowledge channel and page. We are a small but selected team of enthusiasts who want to convey “that something,” otherwise called the Truth or the Sacred Knowledge, to all those interested. Today, “truth” has become a scarce and precious currency and knowledge that serves the well-being of all living beings and the planet. That is precisely why we convey with enthusiasm and dedication everything that will help people to be better, humane, tolerant, happier, and more fulfilled.


Sacred knowledge is knowledge from the cosmos, that can be gained in deep meditation after years or decades of practice. We will talk more about this on one of the following pages. If you follow this channel and the, Treasury of Sacred Knowledge page, prepare for an unforgettable adventure called “Journey on the Wings of Sacred Knowledge and Truth.”


The workshops are a way to combine theory and practice on the path of spiritual development. Every month, the spiritual energies will choose a topic, which can be followed via the web, in live mode or via a recording. Each workshop is a creation of spiritual energies and does not coincide with human perception due to the reason of “two different galaxies”, the mathematics of the cosmos and the mathematics of people.


At all workshops, you will hear information that you have never read, heard or seen anywhere. Every saying of spiritual energies is accompanied by powerful healing effects on each aura, regardless of whether it is a live broadcast or a recording. Why is that so? That’s because every truth as well as every message or saying of spiritual energies heals, regenerates, encourages and transforms everything that is not good for the living world.


It is very difficult to convey someone else’s experience from these workshops. Everyone should personally experience, feel, see that. Feel free to give yourself the opportunity to attend at least a few workshops, and only then form your views and opinions.


Only when you “taste” this “dish from the buffet of spirituality” will you have a personal experience and perhaps a completely different perception than something imagined. Every month there will be a different topic, different energies, different knowledge and a completely different perception. What do you get with these workshops? First of all, much less wandering on the spiritual path, awareness of one’s own faults and virtues, greater spiritual breadth and steps closer to your true potential. Is it not enough?


No matter what decision you make, you will always be right. Only your own decision carries with it the assumption of responsibility and a much clearer picture of right or wrong choices.

Free registration gives you Sacred knowledge “beyond the barrier”…

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Every event in the Treasury of Sacred Knowledge is recorded chronologically on the “Calendar” page. When searching, you can enter the date or initials of the content you are looking for.


“The calendar is a place where you can easily find everything
It may sound crazy, but it’s definitely not stupid
And the world of the cosmos does not know the words of nonsense
But that’s why it knows about “works created with ease”.


The fastest way to keep up with current events is to visit this “Recent” page.


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Rushing to you Sacred Knowledge
Introduction to basic foreknowledge


Every experience is some “healing-developmental-stimulating” spiritual tool. Why? Because every experience, if transmitted truthfully, is accompanied by the “energy of truth”, one of the strongest energies of the cosmos. With it, you can “move all mountains”, destroy all illusions and wake up “the most sleepy people” from deep unconsciousness.


That’s why sharing your experiences is one of the ways to progress much faster on the spiritual path and destroy many blockages that can be done through sharing your own experiences.


Be brave and leave your experience on this page. It’s a way to help yourself and someone else out there who really needs help in the form of your personal experience.